Alex Reports on Chicago Pride

June 26, 2012

Alex, (a Chicago-based writer and We Are the Youth guest blogger), attended Chicago Pride on June 24, 2012. Friend Alex on Facebook & Follow Alex on Twitter

 With a record attendance of 850,000 people, a new and improved parade route, and a later start time, this year’s Chicago Pride Parade was a time for exploration and improvement. For the participants, this translated into having enough room to walk safely alongside the parade route and a more comfortable parade watching experience.

From me, this was my third Pride in Chicago, and I was marching near the beginning of the parade with Pride of Links, a youth group for queer teens in the Northern suburbs of Chicago run by a wonderful woman named Erchell.

I arrived early and spent a few hours talking to people, taking photos, and soaking up the wonderful Pride atmosphere.

All Photos by Alex Sennello:
1. Ana, Jackie & Keifer enjoy Chicago Pride!
2. Breana Gangi, 14 (and a half)
3. Mike, 21, “I’d never been to Pride before, figured I’d change that.”
4. Quint, 15, “It’s my first time, I want to see how my people are; build up my self confidence, ya know.”
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