Nebraska Did Us Right!

October 15, 2012

Last night we attended the Queer Nebraska Youth Network’s Gay Rack Ride at Vala’s Pumpkin Patch. We were expecting a small field with some pumpkins and maybe a picnic table or two. Man, were we wrong! Vala’s holds a Fall Festival each year complete with train rides, a Pumpkin Chuckin’ Canyon, corn maze, petting zoo, food stands, a giant trampoline…you get the idea. It was HUGE and unlike anything we’ve ever seen. We interviewed some amazing youth, photographed Miss Gay Omaha, ate smores, met brooklyn boihood’s biggest fans and ate smores (I know I said that twice, there were a lot of smores).

**If you’re a queer youth in Nebraska and you don’t already know about the Queer Nebraska Youth Networks (youth-focused, peer-led groups), you need to check it out. We’ve been super impressed with the organization, commitment, and general awesomeness of the leaders and members of the QNYN — for such a young group, they’ve done some amazing things in Nebraska (a conservative, primarily rural state) and provide support and fun-times/social activities for local LGBT youth.

Now we’re off to Newton, Iowa (home of Sharon Needles, drag queen extraordinaire!). Couldn’t be happier with our time in Nebraska; we met with new friends, old friends, went to many a bond fire and even saw a mini pony (somebody’s favorite). Everyone was incredibly nice, enthusiastic and super wonderful. Big thanks to Eric, Drew and all at the QNYN, you guys are amazing.