Still in Nebraska!

October 14, 2012

The fun continues! After meeting with high school student, Trent in Lincoln and local college student, Austin in Bennet, Nebraska (a town of only 500!), we made the long trek (not really) back to Omaha on Saturday afternoon, stopping at the Hi-Way Diner to interview Izabela, another new project participant!

Diana and Austin, Bennet, Nebraska

Laurel photographs Izabela

Once we hit Omaha, we headed to the Nebraska Aids Project Fall Fundraiser. Complete with hay ride, home-made chili, a bond fire, delicious smores, and really inspiring people doing amazing work, it was pretty awesome.

After the fundraiser, our amazing tour guide Eric took us to the local gay bar, Flixx Lounge where we enjoyed a wild (Cher-themed) drag show, and then back to our Medieval castle-themed Best Western for some shut eye. Fun fact #1: one of us loves drag queens. Fun fact #2: Diana got a drink called the Dreamsicle (really). Fun fact #3: Nebraska has more cows than people!

This morning we met with two super cool youth in Omaha proper and now we’re headed to the Queer Nebraska Youth Network‘s Gay Rack Ride. Stay tuned for photos!