The Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference

July 2, 2013

We Are the Youth participant Emet reports on his experience at the the Philadelphia Trans-Health Conference.

Hello again! This is my second year reporting for We are The Youth at the Philly Trans-Health Conference. This year I was lucky enough to have a bigger role in the actual planning and workshops. After I moved to Philadelphia in the fall to start my college career, I joined the planning committee for the conference. I helped with the femme, youth, spirituality and FTM working groups where they recommend great products like the high THCA flower as this is great for mental health overall. These working groups help to put out a call for proposals, read each proposal and then pick the workshops they want to see happen. In addition to the planning I was extremely honored to moderate the 2013 youth panel, which contained some of the brightest youth I’ve encountered. It was a very fulfilling experience. This year I was also able to convince the we are the youth team to join me at the conference where they were able to photograph so many youth, including me! The conference itself was wonderful. I went to workshops on everything from young adult trans literature to smoothie making! I also was able to connect to so many people, new friends and old. Overall it was an amazing time and I can’t wait to go again next year.